Sunny One Fishing Report Feb 16th

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This is Erick Heigold from Stay in Costa Rica, at Los Sueños Resort and Marina.


So far the month of february has been a hard month for all of the boats at the Marina Los Sueños, but none the less the Sunny One went out a total of 12 times, coming out with a total of 57 fish.


The total tally for the month of January on the Sunny One

1 Marlin

25 Sails

27 Tuna

2 Mahi


Mr. James went out on Feb 11th and said, “Awesome day!! Great time out with the best crew, Captain Walton and mate Jeremy are phenomenal! (And they out fish everyone else). They caught 1 Sail and 2 tunas, one of the tunas was a big one!


Check our facebook page for videos and day to day reports!


Here at Stay in Costa Rica, we have so many fishermen that we can’t fit them all on the Sunny, here are the stats for some of the other boats that went out this month!


The Tres Amigos is one of the most looked for Boats in the Los Suenos Marina, it went out on the 3rd and 4th the month.They released 3 Sails over the 2 days of fishing,


Los Sueños Triple Crown 2017


The 2nd leg of the Triple Crown of fishing here in Los Sueños starts Feb 22nd – 25th.

In the first leg 997 billfish were released in the 3 days of tournament, an impressive amount of 212 marlin faught. Let’s see what the 2nd leg has to offer.

That is all for now. As you see the season is super hot and there are still some great opportunities to come visit and get to experience some of the best fishing in the world. Feel free to contact me to start planning your next fishing adventure.

Toll Free 866-439-5922 ext 168


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