Lets Go Fishing!


Great week for bill fish along the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

The numbers still looking consistent through out the week.
The inshore conditions are starting to look a little better but still not good to fish.  The Offshore action has been about 25 to 30 miles out.
This past week aboard the Sunny1 we had a couple fishing with us and it was their first time ever out fishing for bill fish. They did fantastic.  The couple released 17 of 25 Sail Fish.  I believe it is safe to say that they are officially hooked.
Lets take a look at the report from last few days.
Sunny1- 32′ Maverick Sport Fisher Capt Ismael Oporta
Dec. 10- 14 Sail Fish, 1 Dorado.
Dec. 11- (Half day) 1 Sail Fish, 3 Dorado.
Dec. 12- 9 Sail Fish, 1 Dorado.
Dec. 13- 10 Sail Fish, 4 Dorado.
Spanish Fly-  42′ Custom Maverick Capt. Juan Carlos Fallas
Dec. 10- 1 Blue Marlin, 9 Sail Fish, 3 Dorado.
Dec. 13- 8 Sail Fish, 10 Tuna, 15 Dorado.
Dec. 14- 12 Sail Fish, 2 Dorado.
Sea Fly- 42′ Custom Maverick Capt David Masen
Dec. 9- 17 Sail Fish, 2 Dorado.
Dec. 10- 8 Sail Fish, 12 Tuna, 3 Dorado. 
Dec. 11- 25 Sail Fish, 2 Dorado. 
Dec. 12- 6 Sail Fish, 1 Blue Marlin, 3 Dorado. 


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